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1- Rapid Recovery from Chronic Pain
2- The Road to Wellness
3- Living by Design 101
4- Living by Design 201

  Rapid Recovery from Chronic Pain

This seminar explains how we all have the potential to take charge of our health and overcome chronic back, neck, and hand pain.  It provides comprehensive information on New York University's unique treatment program and related research from Harvard, Yale, and UCLA, and gives you an easy-to-apply, effective nine-step rapid recovery plan. Participants have the opportunity to design their own rapid recovery plan during the seminar. Learn more...

The Road to Wellness

This seminar provides easy, proven one-minute techniques to improve participants' health, increase productivity, and get them on the road to wellness. This seminar is also offered as a four-week workshop.

Living by Design 101

Participants learn to identify their core values, set priorities, and design a value-based life plan. They also learn how to manage their plan into their lives and increase personal and professional productivity, while enjoying a higher level of peace and achievement.  This seminar is also offered as a four-week workshop. Learn more...

Living by Design 201

Living by Design 201 consists of four health-enhancing seminars covering diet and its effect on health, mood, and weight loss, how to conquer the past, setting and achieving life dreams, and exciting problem solving! Learn more...

Hosts' comments:

“Thank you for your dynamic presentation. This information could be useful in preventing and managing disability claims.”

Joseph Capizzi
Regional Manager, CIGNA Group Insurance
San Francisco, CA

“Very well done! Everyone should attend the rapid recovery seminar and learn about this information.”

Laura McCollough
Curriculum Advisor, Engineering Department
Iowa State University

"I would like to thank you for the presentations on eliminating pain. I have been told by many of the employees attending your workshops that they found the information to be helpful and exciting.  Your presentations have been clear, informative, and delivered with a sense of humor."

Leode Franklin
Director, Environmental Resources Agency
Santa Clara County, California

"I can't thank you enough for the thought-provoking, exciting workshop on "Chronic Pain" you presented at the Office of the President. Participants found your information laden with possibilities for reducing pain in their own lives. The workshop was beautifully designed with a variety of activities that kept the audience fully engaged throughout."

Judy McConnell
Director, Health, Welfare, Work/Life Programs
Office of the President, University of California

"Thank you for your presentation on rapid recovery from chronic pain. It was great. I still cannot believe how quickly I got rid of years of pain by following your recovery plan. Your strategies helped me recover within one day."

Atef Ibrahim
Nordix Computer Corporation Santa Clara, California

Participants' comments:

“Great presentation”
“Fascinating forum with a dynamic speaker”
"Answered many of my questions about my knee and back problems"
“I am glad I attended this seminar”
"It was an original experience which offered a lot of good information"
“All of it was very beneficial and well done”
“Offer these sessions more frequently”

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