How can this book benefit you?
  • Avoid surgery, shots, medications
  • Avoid weeks of physical therapy
  • Avoid months of chiropractic treatment
  • Avoid years of frustration and recover rapidly
  • Become pain-free as you learn how to eliminate chronic pain quickly and easily.
  • Become more active and productive, enjoying your favorite activities or sports.
  • Become healthier, because this plan also leads to many other improvements in your health.
  • Become happier as you learn life improving skills.

Who can benefit from this book?

  • Chronic and recurrent back pain sufferers, attributed to a herniated or bulging disc, as well as muscle strain.
  • Chronic or recurrent neck and shoulder pain sufferers.
  • Those with pain and numbness in arms and hands, attributed to carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Those with pain and numbness in their legs and feet (sciatica).
  • Those who want to avoid surgery, shots, weeks of physical therapy and chiropratic treatments.


  • The revolutionary discovery for the cause of most back, neck, and hand pain
  • Crucial medical research you are not likely to learn from most doctors or chiropractors
  • The non-invasive university treatment program with a phenomenal success rate
  • The nine-step rapid recovery plan
  • Case studies of people who have recovered rapidly and avoided surgery
  • Special section for designing your own rapid recovery plan
  • Fascinating information on related research from Harvard, Yale, UCLA, and other major universities
  • Read an excerpt from the book


Fred Amir is the recipient of the University of California's Knowles Ryerson Award for Leadership, a registered environmental health specialist, and the founder and president of Health Solutions. Health Solutions, a health consulting and educational firm, specializes in empowering individuals with knowledge and strategies to maximize their innate abilities for better health.

Fred's seminars, titled Rapid Recovery from Chronic Pain, The Road to Wellness, and Living by Design, have helped others recover rapidly to live pain-free, healthier, and happier lives. Fred has conducted seminars for the University of California, Iowa State University, CIGNA Group Insurance, County of Santa Clara, Aptix Corporation, and other organizations. He is an avid reader who believes in life-long learning and is a student of the martial arts, having studied kenpo karate and tae kwon do. He lives with his wife and two children in the greater San Jose area.